Creations with simplicity and elegancy in mind.

We are a small team consists of developers and designers coming from Hong Kong. We brew practical apps and fun games.

Most of our works focus on a single and simple idea. No unnecessary layers.

Score Master

Useful tool for calculating scores / money-to-lose when you play card or bridge games with your friends!

Cangjie Master

A tiny tool to find out the CangJie code of Chinese words. It's been top 10 in HK, Macau for a few months and has accumulated 25,000+ downloads right now.

Neko no Haisou (Deliver the Cats!)

Our first attempt on really casual game market. More will come.

MTR MoneySave

(collaboration with DPD Development Team)

Want to save more money while travelling on MTR in Hong Kong? This app is your personal guide to help you.


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